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  • Strategy

    SharkCIA has a global focus, with a talented marketing team spread around the world to support our efforts. We have heads of marketing from Silicon Valley, a professional team of writers, finance industry professionals, as well as venture capitalists.  From social media to keynote speakers at conferences, SharkCIA can effectively deliver targeted campaigns to the ideal audience for your project.

    In addition to traditional marketing techniques, we place a strong emphasis on digital marketing. Our campaigns include strategic e-mail campaigns, influencer connections, digital advertising, search engine optimization, and active social media presence. Our in-depth understanding of the digital marketplace allows us to create robust campaigns that remain relevant through rapidly changing trends.

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    SharkCIA has a comprehensive team of professional writers and editors to help your company generate and edit content. We maintain professional connections with both crypto and non-crypto related news authorities to ensure your message reaches the widest audience possible.

    Whether it is web content or white papers, we help your company curate and build relevant content to support your campaigns and programs. We understand that written media is responsible for both first impressions and long-term sentiment, and our goal is to help you create a lasting and positive relationship with your investors and community.

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    Social Media

    Social media within the cryptocurrency community is a treacherous landscape to navigate.  Far too often companies will dive in without a strategy and severely damage investor sentiment and their market capitalization. To avoid this, SharkCIA employs experts on every social media platform who are in tune with the psychology for appropriate usage on each service. We have our finger on the social pulse of the markets to guide the release of the right material at the right time for our clients, avoiding catastrophic mistakes we’ve seen others make.

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    SharkCIA offers a comprehensive range of advisory services. We understand that the marketing needs of distributed technology companies are unique and different than those of traditional industries.

    SharkCIA is comprised of a global team with decades of relevant industry experience. We provide your company with a wide range of perspectives and a broad frame of reference throughout the consulting process for your project.

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    Brokerage & Media Planning

    SharkCIA has a wide-ranging network of affiliations in the marketing industry, including public relations companies, publications, and community management teams.

    A successful marketing campaign is rooted not only in execution but also in having the foresight to know what connections are needed and when to integrate them.

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    Digital Media

    Our team of media professionals can help give your project the flair it deserves. From professional graphic artists to video editors, we have the resources and expertise to craft the digital media message to enhance the growth of your audience.

    The depth of our experience allows us to deliver stunning results in even the most constrained timelines.

    SharkCIA’s digital media team have extensive experience in graphic design, videography, content curation and creation. Our experts understand that artistic direction is vital to the success of any marketing campaign. Combining high-grade equipment and decades of professional production experience, we will bring your digital media to life.

    Our top production quality will have a direct impact on investors and community within your core markets.

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    Influencer Outreach

    SharkCIA can connect your project to leading influencers within the cryptocurrency community.  Through podcasts, videos, articles, reviews, conferences and more, we can help promote your company efficiently and effectively to the widest possible audience.  We can coach you and your team, create materials, affect public sentiment, and ensure that your message is far-reaching and has a positive impact on investors.

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    Community Management

    Our experienced community managers have established high-quality social control systems. We employ effective strategies and battle-tested tactics for dealing with community issues, reputation management, attacks, and general nuisance. We also provide a proper exit strategy for our team to ensure that the transition is smooth at the end of the campaign. Through the implementation of our guidelines, we help to mitigate complications during and after the campaign.

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